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Location and surroundings

The Ecot


This small, remote village (2020 m) is accessible on foot all year round. It is a pleasant and easy family walk. You can also enjoy the “Chemin du Petit Bonheur” – a trail that will take you to Bessan.


With its houses blending into the surrounding landscape, the Ecot village has been there from times immemorial. You will be told the stories of Faudan and Saint Landry a little later….

The Evettes


From the Ecot village, another well-known hike leads to the foothills of the Evettes Glacier (2590 m). This accessible walk is a real must. You will be amazed by the scenic beauty of this site, heritage listed as one of the most impressive glacial cirques in Europe.

The Sources

of the River Arc

If you are up to a more challenging and sportier walk, the Balcony Trail will lead you right up to the Sources of the River Arc.


The magnificent scenery is breathtaking all along. You can also wander off the beaten track to trail and spot a few chamois and mountain goats (Capra Ibex).


and Italy

Looking for new horizons?  Italy is just next door. A day trip to Suze is within easy reach. Discover the Roman remains, the market, do some window-shopping or try a truly delicious local ice cream. You will cross the border at the Mont-Cenis Pass 2084 m (road closed in winter) which is quite rich in history - Hannibal, Napoleon and many other renowned figures travelled this road well before it became suitable for vehicles.


See you soon!


Should you need more details on leisure activities or further general information, do not hesitate to visit the Bonneval-sur-Arc website.

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